Chad’s Champs


August 16


09:00 pm

Event Category:

Downtown Events


Comedy at Wee Johnny's

177 McDermot Ave

Winnipeg, MB, Canada, R3B 0S1

Comedy at Wee Johnny’s is teaming up with Chad Anderson on a new monthly comedy show – Chad’s Champs.

Chad’s Champs is a comedy contest that means absolutely nothing at all!! There are no huge cash prizes, no trips, no chance at winning guest spots, just bragging rights and the chance to compete in the following months show to protect your title as Chad’s Champ!

Oh okay, well how will the winner be selected you ask? Well as the producer and host and the person who’s GD name is in the title I’ll be selecting my favorite act each night. I’m the judge, jury and executioner, that’s right I’ll be executing the losers every month! So it’s simple, impress me more than the other comedians and you’re on to next months show!

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