Chris Carmichael Band


June 28


10:00 pm

Event Category:

Downtown Events


Times Change(d) High & Lonesome Club

234 Main St

Winnipeg, MB, Canada, R3C 1A8

Every great music scene has its anchors, people who never quite get their due from the public, but who are the backbone of sounds and successes. Guys like Derek O’Brien and Bill Campbell in Austin, Texas, Steve Freund and David Maxwell in Chicago, Junior Watson in Los Angeles, and Chris Carmichael in Winnipeg, Canada. It may sound a little out of place to group Winnipeg with Austin, Chicago, and L.A., but the reality is that the music scene in Winnipeg is every bit as vibrant – arguably even more so – than cities much more widely recognized. Acts like The Perpetrators, Big Dave McLean, Righteous Ike, Romi Mayes, Lindsay Jane,the Scott Nolan Band, they’re all world-class talents whose reputations continue to grow locally and internationally, and they all have something in common: Chris Carmichael. Meaty, rocking alt-country with a hint of blues. Chris Carmichael’s haunting guitar tone recalls open Prairie skies, endless dusty highways and long, hazy nights.
Press Highlights and Quotes (Including one from Tom Paxton):
“Revealing vocal and instrumental styles influenced by a remarkable range of artists – flavoured by the likes of Mississippi John Hurt, Neil Young and Crazy Horse and Keith Richards, Carmichael unveils an album that stretches his blues and rock and roll roots in a powerful new direction. Combining Chris’s ease and grace in switching from one instrument to another (he plays all the guitars, bass, drums and percussion), and featuring contributions from Joanna Miller and Romi Mayes (backing vocals) and Bill Western (pedal steel), these songs add another chapter to a story of a truly talented musician coming of age in his own time and way.” ~ CBC Music

“He played guitar on a couple of the records I made…and he even played drums…I think he’s a really amazing musician. He’s about as good as it gets. A great all-around musician – he’s one of my 10 favourite guitar players in the world.”~Gurf Morlix, Record Producer.

“One of the toughest, knarliest m*ther-f*ckers I have ever played with…it’s all attitude, it’s all conviction – pure heart.”~David Landreth, the Bros Landreth

“For such a clean-cut looking young man, you sure play dirty guitar.”~Tom Paxton

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