Pancakes and JAM


June 9


10:30 am - 06:00 pm

Event Category:

Downtown Events


The Pyramid Cabaret

176 Fort Street

Winnipeg, MB, Canada, R3C 1C9

Let’s eat Pancakes – and JAM!

On the second Sunday of every month, House Handshake will host this musically delicious community event at The Pyramid Cabaret – serving pancakes, coffee and a dose of good times.

Sit back, eat and enjoy the 2-3 bands or musicians being featured as your scheduled entertainment for the day. To add an element of surprise fun, there will be a white board for anyone in attendance (anyone brave enough) to sign up for the open mic!

We’d like to take this opportunity to showcase some of the local Winnipeg artistic talent at these events. That is why we’d like to invite anyone with a talent they might want to showcase (yeah, you!) to be part of the show! If you play music, write poetry, teach yoga, juggle, dance, maybe you do sound, make delicious treats or create videos – whatever your art form; we want to showcase it!

Send us a DM or email to set up your art showcase

In exchange for a single $5 bill you can join us at the Pancakes and JAM kickoff on Mothers’ Day!

“Invite yo friends, invite yo wife; ’cause we pancakes ‘n JAMMIN’ up in here !”

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