Trendsettlers, Episode IV – Winnipeg Fringe 2019


July 19 - 07:15 pm


July 28 - 08:45 pm

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Trans-cendent Theatre Co. in collaboration with Vault Projects Inc. is p l e a s e d to present “Trendsettlers, Episode IV” at the 2019 Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival!

This is a short and sweet, 30-minute long work-in-progress production of a six-episode play series modelled after TV formulas, which is currently in development with the Prairie Theatre Exchange Emerging Playwrights Unit.

We don’t know what the play is about, or why a play has to be about anything at all, but we have a lot of questions, like:

1. What are the possibilities, the limitations, and the obligations of a Writer when creating work that will ultimately be interpreted by actors and directors (“How the frick do I create something that is mine then hand it over to potentially very stupid strangers?”);

2. How can theatre more effectively engage audiences (“How can I make love heading to the theatre as much as they love heading to a Jets game?”);

3. Can marginalized folks survive in dangerous environments, or do they have to leave these spaces behind to ensure their own safety (“Will Winnipeg ever get less racist, or should I just move to the woods with my dog?”)

With a storytelling and design style inspired by the computer game The Oregon Trail, each episode of the series focuses on a different theme, created with the expertise and lived experience of a different collaborator: the theme of Episode IV is gender identity, and has been created in collaboration with local performer Maegan Yallowega.

This probably sounds really boring, like, why can’t it just be a play about wealthy white folks sad about an increase in property tax on their 2nd home, right? But we think that’s been done, so we’re here to do something else.

So come take a wagon ride across the Oregon Trail with us and learn the answers to these and other pressing questions! We promise you won’t die of dysentery.

Performed by Maegan Yallowega (& a bit of Frances Koncan)
Written by Frances Koncan (& a bit of Maegan Yallowega)
Production Design by Callie Lugosi
Directed by Frances Koncan

VENUE #5: Son (or daughter, or other) of Warehouse

ACCESSIBILITY: This venue is NOT accessible. Please do contact the Fringe about this! All artists and audiences deserve accessible spaces!

BATHROOMS: There aren’t any. So, in a sense, it is the most gender-neutral bathroom of all!

TIX: $12 adults / $10 students, seniors, equity


CWs: This play contains subject matter exploring the impact of colonization in regards to gender and mental health, including racism, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, mental illness and suicide ideation. The performance also contains flashing lights (not strobe, with flashes at a medium rate). For more information or additional clarification, please don’t hesitate to send a message!

DATES: 07.19 7:15PM, 07.20 1:45PM, 07.21 4:45PM, 07.24 9:30PM, 07.25 4:00PM, 07.27 3:45PM, 07.28 8:15PM.

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