Winnipeg Youth Climate Strike


May 3


12:00 pm - 06:00 pm

Event Category:

Downtown Events


Manitoba Legislative Building

450 Broadway

Winnipeg, MB, Canada, R3C 1S4

The Winnipeg Youth Climate Strike is happening THIS Friday, May 3rd, at NOON @ The Manitoba Legislative Building as 1143 simultaneous and upcoming strikes take place globally. 🌎


***This strike is open for any and all to attend, NOT JUST YOUTH!***

It would also be SOOOOOOOOOOO helpful if you could invite your facebook friends list!!!

Notes for Kids:
– Safety first, strike with your parents/guardians support and supervision or at home or at school in solidarity if you can’t attend.

Helpful guidelines: (From

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There are four chief ways of striking.
1. Stay at home on Friday and strike privately.
2. Strike at school on a Friday. Don’t skip class. Ask teachers and principals to dedicate part of the day to the strike on a Friday to learn or do something about climate change.
3. Sit outside of a building such as a legislature building, city hall or even a hospital and strike for the climate.
4. Join a Fridays for Future rally on a Friday.

About #FridaysForFuture:
(Taken from

#FridaysForFuture is a movement that began in August 2018, after 15 years old Greta Thunberg sat in front of the Swedish parliament every schoolday for three weeks, to protest against the lack of action on the climate crisis. She posted what she was doing on Instagram and Twitter and it soon went viral.

On the 8th of September, Greta decided to continue striking every Friday until the Swedish policies provided a safe pathway well under 2-degree C, i.e. in line with the Paris agreement.

The hashtags #FridaysForFuture and #Climatestrike spread and many students and adults began to protest outside of their parliaments and local city halls all over the world. This has also inspired the Belgium Thursday school strikes.

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