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How to Cope in Confinement During Social Distancing, covid-19. self isolation, self quarantine, social distancing, staying home, coronavirus, working from home, non-essential worker
With its unfortunate arrival at the beginning of spring, COVID-19 has dashed our dreams of shaking off winter hibernation and venturing back into the world. As the introvertiest of introverts, spending time at home is something I relish, but if you’re the type who likes to be on the go, you probably feel like you’re grounded and it wasn’t even your fault! Lucky for you, being sent to my room was always my punishment of choice.  Read More
Choosing the Curtains or Blinds for Your Space, , apartments winnipeg, winnipeg apartments, finding an apartment in winnipeg, apartment living, downtown living, apartment lifestyle, downtown winnipeg apartments, downtown lifestyle, downtown living, living in downtown winnipeg, living in downtown winnipeg apartments
If you just moved into your new apartment, you may be hanging out in front of some very exposed windows right now. (I shutter at the thought!) Or maybe you just want to change up your window coverings. If the answer to your drapery desires is shrouded in mystery, here are a few questions to ask yourself that will make choosing the right curtain or blind an open-and-shut case! Read More
Using plants to customize your living space, winnipeg apartments, downtown winnipeg apartments, downtown living, downtown winnipeg living, apartment lifestyle, apartment living, winnipeg apartment living, hi rise building, 300 main downtown winnipeg apartments, apartments in downtown winnipeg
I love garden centres. I always manage to discover something new and fresh – no pun intended!  They’re alive with greenery and full of rich colours. Most of all, they’re filled with ideas about how to bring a space to life, be it indoors or outdoors. If you live in a studio apartment, creating different areas for living, working and sleeping can be key to making your home work for you. Greenery can be a great way to create separation between different living areas without making your space feel smaller or cramped.  Read More
Why My Apartment is My Happy Place, apartments winnipeg, winnipeg apartments, finding an apartment in winnipeg, apartment living, downtown living, apartment lifestyle, downtown winnipeg apartments, downtown lifestyle, downtown living, living in downtown winnipeg, living in downtown winnipeg apartments
You’ve had a hectic day at work. You were a responsible adult and ran all your errands. And now, you’re exhausted. Luckily, you live right downtown so you make your way home quickly. You swing open the door to your apartment and you immediately feel the tension leave your body. Aaaaah: you’re home, with the pet, people, or peaceful solitude that you love. Read More
soundproofing your apartment,, apartment living, downtown winnipeg apartments, apartment lifestyle, apartment hacks
Whether it's squealing garbage trucks, blaring speakers from the neighbors or the general buzz of foot traffic outside your window, the noise of apartment living can be draining. If you find that all the hubbub is making life at home maddening, you're not alone. For many apartment dwellers, unwanted noise is a fact of life that can seem unavoidable. But there are a few things you can do to dampen the noise and make your home the soothing oasis you deserve.   Read More
apartment living. living in an apartment, apartment lifestyle, apartment living in downtown winnipeg, winnipeg apartments, apartments in winnipeg
The streets of downtown Winnipeg are sprinkled with apartment complexes, of all shapes and sizes; each one housing hundreds of apartment dwellers with their own story to tell about why they chose apartment living.  Many people become apartment dwellers for the first time during their university years, and I’m no exception. Choosing apartment living was sort of a no-brainer for me, especially living in a downtown residence—it ticked all the boxes for me. When I first began my apartment living journey, I was a wide-eyed twenty-something student without a full-time job or any major responsibilities. Apartment living fit perfectly with my lifestyle. As the years passed and the leases came to an end, I always found myself living in an apartment downtown instead of venturing off somewhere else or taking the financial plunge into house ownership.  Read More
Finding Your (Houseplant) Match, indoor plants, apartment living, living in an apartment, downtown winnipeg apartment living. winnipeg apartments, apartments in winnipeg, indoor plants, winnipeg apartment indoor plants
Houseplants should be an essential component of every interior design. A bit of greenery brightens up indoor spaces and has mood-boosting qualities. Sadly, many people don’t incorporate green friends into their homes because they just don’t know which plant to choose! Here are my recommendations for plants to fit every lifestyle. Read More
winter, cozy, redecorating for winter, winter decoration, cozy decoration, embracing winter, apartment living, downtown living, winnipeg apartment living, downtown winnipeg living
Living in North America, we ought to embrace winter. We should welcome it into our homes and lives for the months of cold, windy winter days that follow the pleasures of Christmas. Even after the tree is down and the presents have been unwrapped, certain decorating manoeuvres can help us avoid the lethargy and dark moods that dreary mornings and cold days can bring.   Read More
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