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High-Density Housing, Environmental Benefits of Buildings, High Rise, 300 Main Downtown Winnipeg Apartments, Apartment Buildings
Canadians are increasingly living in cities, and Winnipeg is no exception. It can sometimes be hard for communities with fast-growing populations to keep up with the infrastructure needs for new residents. That’s why many cities are gravitating towards more high-density housing as part of their “smart growth” strategies. Read More
Timeless decor, home decor, apartment decor, classic decor, modern decor, redecorating, furniture, buying, apartment style
Every time I hear the word “timeless” in relation to fashion or home décor, I feel so much hope. This piece of furniture or pair of shoes will last, will indeed be timeless. Read More
wall painting, accent wall, tapestry, wallpaper, apartment decor, decorating, interior design, apartment style, boho-style apartment, boho-style wall, apartment living, renting an apartment
I had never been more excited than the days leading up to my move into my dorm room for my first year of university. I had spent months creating Pinterest boards and circling items in Ikea catalogs. As soon as I stepped into my new room, my bubbling excitement quickly fizzled into disgust: lime green walls assaulted my eyes. Read More
thrift store, thrifting, shopping for furniture, furniture shopping for your apartment, apartment living winnipeg, 300 Main downtown winnipeg apartments
As the Marie Kondo craze sweeps the nation, everyone is decluttering their household belongings. There’s never been a better time to take advantage of the overflowing thrift stores to deck out your own space. Shopping secondhand is a win for your planet, your community, and your wallet. Now that sparks joy! Read More
furniture shopping, apartment living, downtown winnipeg apartments, apartments in winnipeg, furniture shopping in Winnipeg
Does the idea of furniture shopping bring you feelings of glee—or dread? Even if it’s not your favourite thing, choose furniture carefully to ensure you have a happy, comfortable abode. There is no one style that will suit everyone, so let’s look at some things you should consider before you furnish your digs. Read More
Decor, Home decor, Apartment Decor, Room Decor, Office Decor, Apartment Hacks, Decorating
There’s always that one room⁠—you know the one. It could be a powder room, a bedroom, an office, a hallway, or just a weird corner. Regardless of its size or location, the one thing you know for sure is that it isn’t working for you. You want it to change. You’re just not sure what that means or where to begin. Read More
Fall in Downtown Winnipeg, Fall at the Forks, The Forks, Canadian Museum for Human Rights, Winnipeg Skyline, Downtown Living, Living in Downtown Winnipeg, Living at 300 Main Downtown Winnipeg Apartments
Fall is, hands-down, my favourite season. The warm embrace of an amber afternoon, the bluntness of the nippy air, the inviting smell of apples and spice… September marks the halt of weekends at the lake, picnics in the park and sipping icy drinks on a sweltering afternoon. Winnipeggers don’t immediately think of downtown when they wonder where to spend an autumn day, but it’s my go-to spot! Read More
Heated Parking, Parkade, Underground Parkade, Winnipeg Square Parkade, 300 Main Downtown Winnipeg Apartments
Heated underground parking might seem like a luxury, but in Winnipeg it’s downright life-changing. I hate to even say the dreaded w word yet, but there are many perks to underground heated parking—especially during Winnipeg’s harsh winters! Here are some of the best reasons to look for parking underground. Read More
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