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The unexpected quarantine interrupted a lot of plans and changed the routines of many people. As I hear from my family, friends and coworkers, the isolation affected most of them. They had to deal with cancelled events, business closures, fear of losing their jobs, seeing family members every hour of the day, all that spare time nobody knew what to do with. It affected me as well, and while I (like everyone) have my own fears and doubts, I have to admit that the quarantine led to some positive changes for me, both mentally and physically. Read More
How to Cope in Confinement During Social Distancing, covid-19. self isolation, self quarantine, social distancing, staying home, coronavirus, working from home, non-essential worker
With its unfortunate arrival at the beginning of spring, COVID-19 has dashed our dreams of shaking off winter hibernation and venturing back into the world. As the introvertiest of introverts, spending time at home is something I relish, but if you’re the type who likes to be on the go, you probably feel like you’re grounded and it wasn’t even your fault! Lucky for you, being sent to my room was always my punishment of choice.  Read More
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