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7 Fun ways To Celebrate Halloween with your Dog

There is something about fall that brings Winnipeg to life more than any other season. It is a great time full of crisp excellent weather, beautiful fall scenery, and best of all, the fact that Halloween is hiding right around the corner! With this haunted holiday creeping closer it is no doubt that people are very eager to get out and get spooky! With so many fun events to celebrate the season popping up, there are lots of ways to get the heebie-jeebies! While all these events are amazing, pet owners don’t want their dogs to miss out by having to leave them at home. Like every holiday, pet owners want to enjoy this time of year with the company of their canine companions to enjoy the haunted times and beautiful weather together.

At first thought, it may not seem like Halloween would be the best time to be bringing your dog with you. On second thought, it is the best idea! There are plenty of ways to have a haunted Halloween with your pup, even with the conditions of 2021. If you have been wondering if there is anything you can do with your dog this Halloween season, we have you covered. Check out this list of 7 pet-friendly ways to celebrate Halloween this year!

1. Trick-and-Treat

Trick and Treating is a tasty (for your dog anyway) and fun (for you both) way to kick of the Halloween season! They say that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but I beg to differ. It is never too late to teach any age dog, any trick! With a little bit of encouragement and the right motivation, they’ll have it in no time. Get into the spirit with your dog by trick-and-treat training. Look up some tasty treats (preferably that use up all that delicious excess pumpkin from your pumpkin carving), make your pet some haunted Halloween-themed treats, and teach them some spooky new tricks. There are many easy-to-make Halloween-themed dog treat recipes out there for you to make for your pup’s trick and treat training! There are many upsides to making your dog treats too. You know and control what is in them and the portion. Home-made treats are a healthier alternative to store-bought, especially when it comes to training sessions where your lucky dog is sure to reap consecutive treat rewards.

While you’re finding the perfect recipe, you can also find countless Halloween themed tricks out there you can teach your dog as well. Alternatively, it is just as easy for you to modify their favorites with a creepy spin. Try starting with easier tricks they might already know like “Find The Bones” (or any other Halloween-inspired command works). The idea is to hide a prop bone, hand, skeleton, whatever is going to work with your dog, and train them to go to it when you ask them to “Find the Bones.” Most dogs already know some version of “find me your or where is your toy” and will pick this up quickly. Another great set of tricks that is also really easy to teach and for your dog to learn is Play Dead & Rise From The Dead. Playing dead is already an easy classic to teach your dog, or that you might have already. Try giving it a creepy spin by adding “Rise From the Dead” or “Resurrect” as a command for your dog to get back up, after playing dead! Your ol’ dog’s new tricks are sure to surprise you, and your baking skills may pleasantly surprise you both. One thing to remember is if you are using new toys, decorations, props, and ingredients, make sure that they are safe for your pet.

2. Do a Photoshoot!

It is fun any time of the year, or day for that matter to take pictures of our pets, isn’t it? There is something fun and exciting in the holiday season about being able to dress you or your dog (or both) up in costumes, with no judgment from the internet. Take full advantage of doing a Halloween photoshoot with your dog! You will love the photos and the memories, and your dog is sure to love the outside playtime and extra attention! Pack your pup an adorable costume (again no judgment in two or three) and take them on an outdoor adventure to the perfect spot for your fall shoot! Once you find your set, try letting your dog explore and play in their costume while you take great action shots. But what’s better than a few cute pictures of your dog? Great photos of you and your dog, of course! Get in the spirit and join the photoshoot yourself and take some doggy-owner shots together. Try doing a matching or themed costume for added cute points on social media! Not sure of what to dress up as for your fall shoot? Try one of these classic human & dog costume pairs like Cop & Robber, Dorothy & Todo, Shaggy & Scooby, Charlie Brown & Snoopy, just for some suggestions. Make sure you bring some of your Halloween treats as a reward and toys as encouragement for those criminally cute Halloween-themed shots!

3. Pup-kins

You can’t talk about celebrating Halloween without Pumpkins! Whether you’re putting them on your porch or in a pie, they’re fun to carve, bake, and even more, fun to pick yourself. There are many pet-friendly pumpkin picking patches. Pick the perfect pumpkins for all your decorating, carving, and baking needs alongside your favorite animal helper. You and your dog will love the time in nature, and your pet will love playing with and eating them. Challenge yourself by trying to carve one that looks just like your puppy for their very own pup-kin, a bonus that they make great Halloween decor for your pet party!

4. Have a pet costume party!

Have you ever wanted to be in a room full of dogs in costumes? Make that adorable fantasy an even cuter reality by getting you and your doggies BFFs (best furry friends) together for a fun Halloween pet party! Get the gang together in their favorite costumes for some scary good times! It’s a fun reason to get together and a great way for your dogs to get some socialization. If you’re not sure what to do at your puppy party, just try any of the activities on this list. Things like costumes, doggie bobbing, and pup-kin carving make great contests and photoshoots are an adorable way to have a howl at your party. Your Halloween pet party is the perfect place for your old dogs to show off their new tricks and for you to show off your new baking skills and tasty treats with your pack!

5. Get out for a fright night!

You don’t have to leave your best friend at home to check out scary events and to have a haunted Halloween. And it certainly isn’t Halloween if you aren’t getting a good scare in! Many of Winnipeg’s favorite things to do like corn mazes, the zoo, pumpkin picking patches are pet friendly! Just make sure you check before you go, and make sure you know it’s not going to be too much for your pup. You want to be scared, not your dog.

6. Doggie Bobbing!

Sounds similar to the long-standing tradition of bobbing for apples right? You get buckets full of water, throw some apples in, and usually run a contest between a few people to see who can get them all out the fastest. Both harder than it looks and wildly entertaining to watch, it’s a time-tested favorite for a reason!

Try giving this old favorite a cute twist by letting your puppy-pal try their paw at doggie bobbing! If you don’t want to use apples or you have a smaller dog, you can use tennis balls or pool toys. If it’s just you and your pooch, fill one bin or a bucket that is a good size for your dog with water, toss in some floating treats, toys, apples, and watch and be howling in laughter! If your dog doesn’t start bobbing for apples at the sight of the bucket- don’t panic. You may have to encourage your pup by showing them what to do and that it is there for them!

7. Trick-Or-Treat / Halloween Dog Walk

Last but never least, celebrate Halloween the way it is intended to be celebrated, with actual trick-or-treating! Dress you and your dog up in amazing costumes, walk the neighborhood enjoying the costumes, decorations, and maybe trick-or-treating a little. If you don’t want to go real trick-or-treating you can check out pet-friendly places like pet stores, dog parks, and other puppy permitted places! You are sure to score some tasty treats for your dog (and not to mention candy for yourself) they will be expected to show off some of those spooky tricks so be ready!

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