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Best Campsites in Manitoba

Manitoba is known for many things. One of the things we are most famous for is being full of the border-to-border stunning nature, incredible wildlife, unforgettable lakes, and adventures. Manitoba is full of unique camping experiences, so let us help you make the most of Manitoba’s landscape with this selection of incredible campsites.

Birds Hill

Birds Hill is a long-time favorite spot of locals because it makes for a short trip for easy camping with great beaches and hiking.

Birds Hill is a Manitoba favorite spot where in less than an hour you can be at your campground. Located near Winnipeg and with so much to do, Birds Hill makes for a great day trip or weekend of camping. Birds Hill is a well-known spot for its great camping with kids, mainly due to its artificial lake and beautiful wrap-around trails.

The Whiteshell

The Whiteshell is one of the most popular regions in Manitoba when it comes to camping. Covering over 2000 square kilometers, this section of the province is about 2 hours from Winnipeg, close to the Manitoba – Ontario border.

It has many popular spots and different options for camping. From cabins to private tent pitching, there is an experience for every kind of camper, from the camper to the glamper. Some of the best campsites in the Whiteshell area are:

Westhawk Lake

Westhawk lake is famous for its unique origin story. The lake was the result of a meteorite crash at this location long ago, which ended up giving Manitoba its deepest lake at 115 km. Westhawk lake is a great spot to camp. It has many campsites close to the lake with water, electricity, and nearby shops and food; Westhawk is a very comfortable camping experience.

One reason why Westhawk is so popular is it is attached to its neighbor, Caddy Lake, but you will have to go through some pretty captivating tunnels to get there.

Caddy Lake

Caddy Lake is a beautiful place to go camping, especially for the active camper, as it is connected to Westhawk Lake by a series of tunnels. You might need a kayak, canoe, or boat to get to and around the lake and campgrounds.

If you are planning on camping or visiting Caddy Lake, it is well worth the trip. Once you are there, you have the choice of some nice, more secluded campsites near the lake or within hiking distance.

Falcon Lake

Falcon Lake is another long-time Manitoba favorite when it comes to camping. Also, within the Whiteshell provincial park and less than a 2-hour drive from Winnipeg, Falcon Lake is one of the most popular campgrounds.

Featuring RV and tent campsites complete with electricity, water, showers, playgrounds, and most of which are within walking distance to the beach. Camping isn’t all there is to do while you are at Falcon Lake with its nearby town of shops, restaurants, and even a golf course.

Otter Falls

Nestled up in Manitoba’s own boreal forest along the Winnipeg River, only an hour and a half from Winnipeg, is Otter Falls. Otter Falls is one of the most popular destinations within the Whiteshell.

Not only is it an unforgettable experience with nature for its unique location, camping at Otter Falls includes fully loaded campgrounds featuring all the amenities such as electricity, water, RV sites, and a boat launch.

St Malo

St Malo is one of Manitoba’s best nature experiences, no matter what you are doing. With an excellent nature center, hiking trails, berry picking, and many more unique activities in this area, it’s no surprise that it is one of Manitoba’s camping hotspots.

Choose from over 130 campsites on Sunset Shores or St Malo campgrounds that are loaded with amenities and with lots of different ways to enjoy the nature of that area; St Malo is a great campground, especially for groups camping with its many closely connected campsites.

Riding Mountain National Park

Riding Mountain national park is a national park north of Winnipeg close to the city of Dauphin, covering up to 3000 Kilometers. There is a lot to do Riding Mountain. The town of Riding Mountain itself is a lovely tourist stop, with lots of great shops, restaurants, and entertainment.

You can enjoy many different ways to stay, whether you want to rent a cabin or want to camp; there are many great camping options within Riding Mountain National Park. Riding Mountain is full of different nature experiences, whether you are camping, hiking, or just passing through, which you will have to to get to these next campgrounds.

Duck Mountain

Just a bit further north of Riding Mountain national park is Duck Mountain. Duck Mountain is a popular spot for camping for those who want the fully subversive nature experience. While it does offer Blue Lake for easier camping, the trails, lakes, and campsites continue. Duck Mountain is popular for its chain lakes, where if you are going through, you will have to canoe and portage your way to different lakes hidden off the beaten path.

Tucked further up into the nature of the area, you will want to be prepared to rough it. This is an excellent spot for those who really want to enjoy nature and camping to the fullest. With multiple secluded lakes, parks, trails, and campsites, Duck Mountain is a great spot for those who prefer to be camping and experience nature. If you are looking for a bit of an easier camping experience, Duck Mountain has many options for closer camping.

The further into the Duck Mountain area you go, the more you want to be prepared to explore it. Duck Mountain is a long-time favorite destination for those looking for a totally active camping experience. With many different lakes, campgrounds, and spots throughout it, there is something for every level of camper in Duck Mountain making it one of Manitoba’s best spots.

Blue Lake at Duck Mountain

If you want an easier experience within Duck Mountain, you have a few options to choose from. The most popular and accessible are the Blue Lake campgrounds. The Blue Lake campgrounds do offer full-service amenities of water, electricity, playgrounds, laundry, showers, gas stations, and boat launches.

If you don’t want to pitch a tent, you can rent a cabin at the Blue Lake Resort and enjoy all the same amazing nature experiences Duck Mountain and the Blue Lakes have to offer.

Paint Lake

One of Manitoba’s most incredible camping experiences is definitely worth the trip. You will have to journey up north for this one, but it is truly the unique camping experience the province has to offer, Paint Lake. Take a trip up north to the Thompson area to enjoy their restaurants and shops. This lake has over 80 campgrounds for you to choose from, all offering their own amazing views and nature experiences. If you rather stay in something a little more comfortable, you can stay in comfort in one of their six yurts for a totally brand-new camping experience.

Every corner of Manitoba is full of beautiful nature, exciting adventures, and amazing camping experiences. No matter which of Manitoba’s campgrounds you end up at, you will end up having a great time and making even better memories; just don’t forget the bug spray!

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