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Spring Getaways in Manitoba

Manitoba is full of amazing adventures not only just within the walls of Winnipeg but outside of them as well, so it’s time to check the definitive guide for Weekend Getaways in Manitoba- Spring Edition. There is much to see and do and do this Spring to get you out of the city and explore all Manitoba has to offer.

Lake in Manitoba

If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind Manitoba weekend getaway or day trip, look no further, this article is full of irresistible natural Manitoba attractions.

National Parks & Resorts

No matter if you are looking to get out for the weekend or day, Manitoba has many options close to Winnipeg to escape to this spring. Hiking, fishing, resorts, and beaches are all within an hour of your front door! Manitoba is famous for its amazing nature and scenic views; get the most of the season this spring with these getaways.

Manitoba has many great National Parks and resorts to retreat to this time of year. No matter what region of the province you want to explore, you will find a premier resort with plenty of beautiful views, hiking, and countless other ways to enjoy Manitoba’s nature this spring, no matter where you go.

Woman holding a leaf while visiting a provincial park

Riding Mountain National Park & Clear Lake

Riding Mountain and the Clear Lake area is one of Manitoba’s most popular weekend getaways. There is much to see and do in the Riding Mountain area. Famous for its beautiful nature trails, animal enclosures, desert, beaches, nearby towns, and much more. With many different B-N-Bs, resorts, and camping options, you will want to make this destination a weekend getaway for sure.

Riding Mountain BnB

Retreat just steps away from one of Manitoba’s most famous and beautiful lakes at Riding Mountain B&B. This bed and breakfast boasts its proximity to not only Clear Lake but the main beach itself. This makes it a great place to stay if you want to explore the town and surrounding areas of Riding Mountain national park and Clear Lake.

Elk Horn Resort

A long-time favorite in Manitoba to retreat to is Elk Horn Resort. This has been one of the most popular choices to stay at when visiting the Clear Lake area. With its hotel-style setup, it is a perfect weekend getaway.

Woman in a spa receiving a massage

Enjoy the nearby areas of Clear Lake and Riding Mountain National Park with the luxury of coming back to a fully loaded hotel. Not having to camp or stay in a cabin makes Elk Horn a perfect option for visiting Riding Mountain and Clear Lake in the Spring.

Journey Up North

Out of all of the things Manitoba is famous for, its tundra is certainly up there in the top 3. Many world-class views and experiences are waiting for you up north that you can’t get anywhere else. Spend the weekend exploring Manitoba’s north and its traditional culture. There are a few options to visit in Manitoba’s north.

Norther lights above a cabin

One of the biggest draws is Manitoba’s own Churchill up in the one and only Hudson’s Bay; there are many great things to see and do along the way.


One of Manitoba’s bucket list spots is Churchill. Being located in the famous Hudson’s Bay and containing the world’s most accessible populations of Polar Bears and Beluga Whales makes it a unique and unforgettable weekend getaway.

Group of four polar bears

Make the most of this northern get away with dog sledding or carting, polar bear, and whale watching, and cap it off with the world’s only views of the Aroura Borealis. Not only are you in the heart of Manitoba’s culture and history while enjoying Polar Bears and Whales, but you also are in the prime time and spot to see the Northern Lights if you visit Churchill this spring.

Hiking & Nature Trips

Spruce Woods & Devil’s Punch Bowl

Spruce Woods and the Spirit Sands are popular weekend trips. There are lots to see and do, including multiple hiking trails, the infamous Devil’s Punch Bowl, surviving the Spirit Sands, which is Manitoba’s very own desert, and so much more. Spruce woods makes for a unique stop or full weekend experience. Being within 45 minutes from Winnipeg but also having surrounding B-n-B options, you can make the most of either experience.

Fish Famously

Manitoba is famous for a few things, and along with Slurpees, one of our biggest claims to fame is fishing. There are many great places to go fishing. Whether you want to make the day or weekend of it, fishing in Manitoba is another must-do. When it comes to the best fishing spots, there is somewhere to go in any part of the province and cities that make it up.

Father and son walking with fishing gear towards a lake

If you are going to try and make the most of fishing in Manitoba, you can quickly turn your plans into a day or weekend trip. With many of our best hot spots being within 10 to 45 minutes of not only Winnipeg but each other, you can easily plan either a day or weekend of fishing throughout Manitoba this season.

The great thing about these Manitoba attractions is they have much more to offer than a great catch. All of these beautiful views have much more to offer, like hiking, trail walking, resorts, casinos, restaurants, and so much more. No matter what you like to do when you get away, get away to these favorite Manitoba destinations.

Hiking, Beaches, and More Nature

Another fun Manitoba getaway idea is to take a shorter trip to one, or more of these Manitoba gems, no matter what you feel like doing. These spots are famous for their nature to see, trails to blaze, and beaches to laze.

Birds Hill Park

Birds Hill Park is a great stop or destination for a day trip. With multiple walking and hiking trails, an artificial beach, and lots of great ways to enjoy nature within 30 minutes of Winnipeg. If you are stopping at Bird’s Hill Park, you want to make sure you visit the very beautiful and famous Pine Ridge Hollow for dinner or drinks. Pineridge is a unique restaurant experience, with its own local crafty gift shop and goats to pet; it is one of my favorite things to include in any trip to rural Manitoba.


Located just at the end of Henderson Highway within 45 minutes from Winnipeg is Lockport. Lockport holds a high reputation for its fishing and diners, making it a great all-day experience. Lockport has always been famous for its two vintage diners, Skinners and the Half Moon. While Skinner’s historic waterslide may be shut down, you can still enjoy Skinners Diner in full swing serving its world-famous foot-long hot dogs and delicious shakes while listening to your table’s jukebox in its classic 50s themed (more like preserved) diner.

Couple drinking milk shake

After dinner and less than just a hop, skip, and a jump away from Skinners is the Half Moon drive-in. With delicious food and shakes, and certainly not any less famous than its sister, is this other local legend. The Half Moon is another vintage Lockport specialty you won’t want to miss out on your day trip.


Gimli is one of Manitoba’s best day trips. With lots of fun things to do and history to take in, you can easily enjoy the day or weekend out in Gimli. Officially known as Manitoba’s “New Iceland” for its large Icelandic population, history, and culture, there is a lot to see and do in Gimli.

Woman texting sitting on a restaurant

While You’re In Town…

While you are in Gimli, you may as well see some of their popular and record-setting monuments. Did you know that Gimli is home to one of the largest Vikings and his ship? Celebrating Gimli’s strong Icelandic culture are a couple of record-setting monuments; find the Viking and the Viking Ship while you are on your way through Gimli.

Crown Royal Distillery

Many of us are familiar with the spirit brand of Crown Royal. But did you know that it is made here in Manitoba?

Three glasses of scotch

That’s right. Not only do we have countless amazing breweries to visit, but less than an hour from Winnipeg and you can see where and how North America’s favorite spirit is made.

Take A Swing

If you are the kind of person when it comes to planning their weekend adventure that rather just cross that bridge when they come to it, we have some more must-do activities for you in this article.

Looking for an exciting day trip you can do this spring or summer? Check out these famous suspension bridges and waterfalls with the choice between the smaller Rotary bridge in Minnedosa or the record-breaking swing bridge in Souris. Both offer their own unique breathtaking views and experiences. The only question is which one to visit first.

Woman walking on a swing bridge

While the Rotary bridge is a smaller feature you can easily knock off on any weekend getaway, Souris has a lot more to make you want to stay. No matter which one you go to or how long you stay, you will for sure enjoy your time. These make a great day. Stop any sight to see almost any time of year that you are looking for a little Manitoba adventure.

Seven Sisters – Manitoba

The Seven Sisters waterfalls are famous for their beautiful rapids, waterfalls, hiking, and the overall scenery, which make them a great visit any time, Spring through Fall. With their location being so close to Winnipeg and between almost everything else on this list, the sisters are easy to visit on any of these great getaways.

Close up on a waterfall

With lots to see, do and explore this time of year, planning a weekend getaway in Manitoba this Spring is easier and more fun than ever. If you are looking to plan the perfect Manitoba weekend adventure, any of these unforgettable places and sights are sure to help you make the most of Manitoba this Spring with these incredible sights to see, things to do, and nature to explore.

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