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Getting Organized – Spring Edition

It’s Spring, and that means one thing… It’s Spring-cleaning time! Something is refreshing about getting your home clean and organized as we say goodbye to winter and hello to spring. We have you covered from cupboard to closet ways to save space and stay organized this spring.

The Closets

The closet is one of the best places to get organized. Not all places have the luxury of walk-in closets, so any closet space is precious. This spring, you will want to take advantage of the countless ways to get your closet organized this Spring.

One of the best ways to get your closet organized is by changing how you store the clothes in your closet. There are a ton of things out there to help you get every bit of space you can from your closet. Try using over-the-door shoe racks or t-shirt holders, scarf organizers, hanging organizers for accessories things like that; it is a great way to get some extra space and keep it clean. Other useful things like clear bins, foldable fabric boxes, and vacuum bags are great for keeping seasonal or rarely used items away and storing them a breeze.

Try these to help your get your closets organized this spring.

Over the door shirt organizer

Closet door racks are great for extra shirts, scarves, shoes, or anything you have some extra out of the drawers and off the floor by hanging them on the door.

Hangar stacker

Empty hangars take up a lot more space than we maybe think. If this is one of your usual closet catastrophes, try using a hangar stacker to keep them all together without having to untangle them.

Scarf Hangars

One of the best fashion accessories is one of the worst things to store. Scarves are deceptively bulky, and it may seem like there is no good way of storing them. Scarf hangers are a great way to organize your scarf collection and give you a lot of your space back too.

Fabric Boxes

Foldable fabric boxes are almost essential when it comes to organizing your closet. These boxes are great for keeping things together and out of the way in versatile fabric boxes, especially if closet and dresser space is at a minimum.

Living Room

The living room is a great place to get organized in your Spring cleaning this season. It may seem like we have more useless cords, remotes, and who knows what else more than ever, but with these organizational hacks, people will be wondering if your living room has even been lived in.

Arm Rest Caddy

The armrest caddy is one of the most useful things you can get for your living room. Keep your remotes and anything else you might need to organized, hidden, but close by with an over-the-arm rest controller caddy.

Cord organization

Cords may be an essential way of life, but they are bulky and an eyesore though it is possible to keep them out of sight and out of mind. Keep your cords clean and hidden with cord boxes and organization techniques like covers that stick to and match your wall charging stations; there are countless ways to fix your cord catastrophe.

Storage table

It may feel impossible to keep a clean living room table; after all, it is one of the most used surfaces in the house. That’s why the coffee table is the perfect place to get some extra storage. Consider getting a coffee table that either has 2 tiers or storage underneath for you to keep all the extras.


It may feel near impossible to keep an organized kitchen. Our cupboards get full of so many open boxes and bags of miscellaneous spices and ingredients, but with these clutter cutters, even you are going to be impressed with your kitchen.

Containers Are Key

One of the best ways to keep an organized mess in your kitchen is by utilizing things like clear containers and jars. Open bags and packages use up a lot of our precious counter and cupboard space. Help maximize it as much as possible by putting all those open half-used bags of spices, flours, and everything else into containers. You’ll know where everything is, and it will be fresh when you go to use it!

Magnet Magic

Magnetic strips are an amazing way to kick up your kitchen organization game. Instead of having knives and other utensils on the counter or taking up all of your drawer space, try adding a magnetic strip for a stylish way to keep your knives organized.

Wall mounts

Keep your brooms, mops, and other cleaning supplies organized by installing wall mounts for them. Many of us have to keep our brooms, mops, and other cleaning supplies in a closet or shoved in a corner. Wall is mounting these things instead to keep them handy, out of the way, and off the floor.


The bathroom is a key place to get organized this spring. It is probably the room in the house that is used and cleaned the most and yet is somehow always still the messiest from all of the odds and ends that take up all of our counter and shower space.

There are many great ways to organize your bathroom. Try any of the favorite bathroom storage hacks below this spring. Never underestimate organizing your cosmetics and toiletries with on-the-counter holders, drawer boxes, and so many more ways to save the most space.

Toiletry Dispensers

Give bottles the boot with all mounted toiletry dispensers. These dispensers just stick on the wall fill up with your favorite shampoo, conditioner, body wash. These help keep the bottles out of the way and give you that much more space in your shower.

Shower caddy

If you struggle with the shelving storage of pretty much every shower, then you are just like the rest of us. Nothing a shower caddy can’t fix! Add some extra shelf space in your shower by hanging a shower caddy over your shower head for added storage space.

Over the toilet rack

You can’t go wrong with an over toilet rack for your towels and toiletries, especially if your bathroom is already short on space.


The bedroom is full of hidden ways to get and stay organized this spring. Try any of these great ways of organizing your bedroom this spring-cleaning season.

Under the bed

Under the bed storage is one of the best ways to organize your bedroom. Under your bed is the perfect place to keep bins and vacuum-sealed bags of your seasonal stuff, blankets, the stuff that has been taking up precious closet cargo. Try to get a bed frame that has extra storage below and around it to make the most of your bedroom furniture. If you don’t have a bed with built-in storage, you can keep your extra blankets, seasonal clothes, and everything else under the bed. Storage hacks like clear bins and vacuum bags will go a long way when it comes to keeping things under the bed.


Another great way to cut back closet clutter is by changing how you are keeping your hat and shoe collections. These are things that somehow seem to take up the most space.

Save space (and show off a little) by hanging your hat and shoe collections on the wall. Hanging your hats gives you much more of your closet space back, and it also looks great. I have this done in my apartment, and guests love this idea. If you have a lot of hats, you can save space by putting them on the wall with sticky hooks or push pins and arranging them on the wall for a hat display.

For your shoes, get some floating shelves or cubes and have your lovely shoe collection safe while keeping it out of your closets and off of the floor.

Cut Corners With Corner Shelves

Bedrooms don’t always have a lot of floor (or wall) space these days. You can save a lot of space and up your aesthetics with corner shelves! Just a few square shelves in the right spots make a huge impact on your room.


Whether you’re working out of a home office or utilize your extra table as your workspace, keeping it organized keeps working effortlessly.

Attachable Desk Drawers

If your table or desk doesn’t have drawers, there are solutions for that. Make up for the lack of drawers and shelves by making your own. Attachable drawer trays are a great way to give yourself some surface space and add some drawer space. Add a couple of shelves above or beside your desk to give yourself ample storage around your workspace.

Less Is More

When it comes to your desk, the less is more approach goes a long way. The fewer unnecessary and personal items you keep on your desk, the more space and fewer distractions. Try cutting back on your workspace clutter by clearing extra trinkets and prioritizing what you do use when your working.

This one is useful for the other rooms and surfaces in your home too. Go around to the other rooms and surfaces in your house and, check places like desks, tables, dressers, and see what other clutter you might be able to do without or re-organize. Try any or all of these organization hacks in your spring cleaning this season and enjoy your newly clean and organized home!