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St Patricks Day Celebration Ideas – Winnipeg Edition

St Patrick’s Day 2022 is right around the corner!

We are used to that for many people, meaning pub crawls, live music, green food and drinks, and a lot of green fun. But with current social distancing restrictions in place, many Winnipeggers wonder if – and how – we can even celebrate this year. Well, with restrictions lifting in Winnipeg on March 15th just in time to celebrate St. Patrick on the 17th, the answer is yes!

St Patrick’s day celebrations will be in full swing this year. Just in case you are like many of us and don’t know how to celebrate this year, well, don’t worry, we have you covered! Read on for great ways to incorporate all those things and more in your 2022 St Patrick’s Day celebrations.

Celebrate the Irish way with Irish food and drinks!

Everyone knows that when you are celebrating St Patrick’s day, you have to start with the food and drinks. After all, they are known for their amazing food and delicious beer. Start your holiday celebrations off right, in the kitchen, going out, or whipping up some Irish-themed foods, drinks, and desserts this St Patricks day.

If you want to celebrate St Patrick’s day the right way this year, start by treating yourself (and even others if you can bring yourself to share) to some Irish-themed foods and drinks this holiday.

Try making your Irish favorites or go out for some authentic Irish foods this year like soda loaf, a shamrock shake, Irish coffee, green beer, or Guinness.

Try making one of these traditional St Patricks Day favorites:

  • Soda Loaf
  • Irish Stew
  • Traditional Irish Breakfast
  • Beef Pot Pies
  • Corned Beef

No matter what you are doing, make sure your St Patricks Day celebrations are super sweet with these 5 St. Patricks Day desserts:

  • Green Velvet Cake
  • Green Shamrock Cup Cakes
  • Shamrock Shake
  • Mint Chocolate Shakes
  • Mint Chocolate Cookies

And don’t forget the traditional Irish beverages:

  • Half and Half
  • Half Pale Ale
  • Half Dark Stout like Guinness
  • Irish Coffee (Coffee & Whisky)
  • Shamrock Shake (Vanilla Milk Shake + Peppermint Schnapps or Pieces of Peppermint)

Try any of these favorite classic cocktails to bring in your St. Patricks Day this year.

Guinness Float

  • Vanilla Ice Cream
  • Baileys
  • Whisky (optional)

Irish Car Bomb

  • 1 Pint Guinness
  • ½ Oz Irish Cream
  • ¼ Oz Irish Whiskey
  • ¼ Oz Coffee Liqueur

Irish Pubs and Entertainment in Winnipeg

Winnipeg is already notorious for its Irish pubs. Many of us already know and love one or all of the following Irish pubs in downtown Winnipeg; Kings Head Irish Pub, Shannons Irish Pub, Wee Johnny’s Irish Pub, Fionn MacCools, and even The Grove Pub & Restaurant. Each of these places is doing its own unique St Patricks day celebrations.

  1. Five More Miles at Shannons Irish Pub

This St. Patrick’s Day, Shannon’s Irish Pub hosts the amazing; Five More Miles as their live entertainment! Check them out on March 17th as part of your St Paddys day plans.

  1. The Dust Rhinos at The West End Cultural Center

Catch a fantastic live Irish band this St Patrick’s Day at the Center of Winnipeg’s entertainment itself, The West End Cultural Center. The West End hosts The Dust Rhinos as this St. Patricks Day guest feature.

  1. The G Strings at The Riverside Tap & Table

The Riverside Tap and Table feature the G Strings this St. Patricks Day as their live entertainment!

This year these and other places throughout Winnipeg give us many great and interesting ways to celebrate and indulge in Irish culture, entertainment, food, and drinks this St Patrick’s Day.

Also featuring their brand of Irish flavor, you can’t go wrong by stopping at Kings Head Irish Pub and Wee Johnnys, both featuring Irish food, drinks, music, and a great time.

  1. Park Theatre – And Godspeed You!

See Godspeed You! Black Emporer March 17 at the Park Theater. Playing on St Paddy’s day, you can catch them live.

  1. The Burton Cummings Theatre – The Snowed in Comedy Tour

Want to catch some painfully relatable comedy? Check out the Snowed In Comedy Tour this St. Patricks Day at The Burton Cummings Theatre.

Host Your Own St Patrick’s Day Party

While the live entertainment and Irish pub scene is a great classic way of celebrating St Patrick’s day, staying in and having your Irish-themed entertainment is absolutely a good option. Whip up some green drinks desserts, and queue up your best Irish-inspired playlist.

If a self-hosted St. Patricks Day Bash sounds like the pot of gold at the end of your rainbow and you are just not sure how to put it together, we have you covered on that one too.

Try a Clover Leaf Beer Pong Toss

Get (green) solo cups and arrange them into the clover shape on each side. Let the playing commence. May the best leprechaun win.

A St. Patrick’s Day spin on Bobbing For Apples

We all know and love the Halloween age-old tradition of bobbing for apples, right? Well, if you want to challenge your guests this year, try having them bob for The Lucky Charms. Get bowls of lucky charms, have one person blindfolded on each side, and try and pick out the marshmallow pieces of the lucky charms the fastest. May the quickest step dancer win.

Our next word of advice is to revisit the food and drinks listed in this article and make sure you have plenty of those on hand. Check out our two favorite St. Patricks Day contests to include at your 2022 bash.

  1. Costume Contest

Hold a contest for the best St. Patricks Day costume. The prize goes to the most creative, most spirit or just the one you didn’t see coming.

  1. Cocktail Contest

Like the contest idea? Get participants to make their best the cuff Irish and St. Patrick Day-themed cocktails, and may the best one win.

Go on a street crawl

If none of the above fit your Irish appetite or you rather keep to yourself, try celebrating by going on your street crawl. Make sure you throw on some green to avoid getting pinched and embark on your own St Patrick’s day adventure. Try taking a walk through the city where St Patrick’s day is in full swing, and enjoy watching the city turn green!

St. Patricks Day the Self Care Way; Keep Calm and Celebrate St Patrick!

If you rather stay in and keep calm this St Patricks day but still want to stay in the holiday spirit, try indulging in some St Patrick day themed self-care. Start by brewing yourself an Irish coffee, run a bath with a goat’s milk soak and green-themed oils like peppermint, and let the stress melt away to the sounds of relaxing Irish music.

Hangover the Irish Way

While St Patrick’s Day is a nationally beloved holiday, it is not exactly a nationally absorbed holiday in the way of anyone having the day off. Unlike New Year’s Eve, where we all have a national hangover day on January 1st (and most places on the 2nd too), not too many places close on St. Patricks Day. If you find yourself hungover and have to go to work this St. Patricks Day, try one of these Irish remedies.

  • Full Irish Breakfast
    -Black Pudding
    -Fried Tomatoes
  • Irish Coffee
    The best cure to a hangover for many the next day is the good old classic coffee. Try making yourself an Irish coffee to go with your traditional breakfast, and you’ll be feeling yourself and ready for work in no time.
  • Spice Bag
    A traditional component of the Irish night of drinking. Made of chicken, chips, red and green peppers, onions, chili peppers

Have a fun St. Patricks day and stay safe ! If you find yourself unsure how to celebrate St Patrick’s, don’t forget to refer back to this article!