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Top 5 Food & Drink Spots in Winnipeg this Summer

Winnipeg is well known for its great food, craft beers, and innovative restaurants. There are many great spots to go to in Winnipeg. But you will want to include all of our top 5 food & drink spots in Winnipeg this Summer in your plans, sure to be all the buzz on social media.

Earls at 300 Main

Foto credit: @earlsrestaurant Instagram account

Downtown Winnipeg was always famous for its iconic Earls on Main Street. Well, you can enjoy a whole new Earls experience inside Winnipeg’s first skyscraper, 300 Main! This building gives you a beautiful, expansive view of Downtown Winnipeg not to mention the new menu is just as next level as the building it’s in.

James Ave Pump House

This hot spot is located right inside of a piece of Winnipeg History. The building was built in 1906 as a pump station that draws water from the Red River to fight fires in downtown Winnipeg. More than just a heritage building, this location is now a brewery and tap house with craft beer brewed on-site.

Leopold’s Tavern

Leopold’s Tavern, a.k.a Leo’s, is one of the top 5 food & drink spots in Winnipeg this Summer. They have five distinct locations throughout Winnipeg, Osborne, Academy, Henderson, and Bridgewater. Each of Leo’s locations offers its own homey pub atmosphere with delicious food and a wide variety of craft beers on tap.

Leo’s South Osborne

The first location Leopold’s Tavern opened in Winnipeg is on South Osborne, near Park Alley. This place may feel cozy when you first walk in but don’t judge a bar by its entrance! This location can pack a crowd with another service and seating area upstairs!

Leo’s River and Osborne

Leopold’s on River is the next highly anticipated location in Osborne, right in the village! The building its-self is right on the corner of Osborne and River, convenient to get to from any part of the city.

Leo’s Academy

Leopold’s Tavern on Academy is at 414 Academy. This location is a staple in its community. It has a comfy lounge area and a sizable outdoor area that will be perfect for enjoying all patio season long.

Leo’s Henderson

Leo’s Henderson is right on Henderson, near Springfield Road. With a great location, food, and environment, this location has quickly become the new neighborhood favorite.

Leo’s Bridgewater

Your friendly neighborhood bar Leo has you covered in every corner of the city. One of the most recent locations to open has you covered in the south end of the city, in Bridgewater, located at 350 North Town Road.

The Forks Common

The Forks may be an old tourist spot, but it has a new feel. The Common now features two bars (one outside), and many new innovative restaurants, still with some old favorites. With an extensive area covered by their liquor license both inside and out, you can get whatever food you want, the craft beer or wine of your tase, and the experience you feel like with quiet seating areas perfect for taking your food, a drink, and your laptop or sitting outside and enjoying the beautiful scenery and great atmosphere.

Hargrave Street Market

There is something for every taste and from every culture inside Hargrave Street Market. With multiple options from casual and more refined dining options and your choice of a few unique watering holes right inside Winnipeg’s new True North Square, the Hargrave Street Market is anything but your average downtown food court.

The Restaurants at Hargrave Street Market

Gusto North

Gusto North is one of Winnipeg’s best Italian cuisine experiences, right in the heart of downtown! With delicious dishes inspired by Italian classics, these salads, pasta, and pizzas are anything but average at Gusto North.

Yard Burger

Enjoy the bliss of a burger and a cold brew with the convenience and excitement of being in True North Square. A one-of-a-kind menu of all kinds, a burger for whatever meat you do or don’t eat, of course, with your choice between soft drinks or a cold beer.

The Good Fight Taco

The Good Fight Taco is a unique spin on the much-loved taco! This new Asain and Latin- American inspired menu is more than just your average flight of tacos.


No modern food hall could be complete without somewhere to get Ramen! Saburo gives its unique take on Ramen and Donburi, which is unbelievable, thanks to its well-known Winnipeg chefs behind the flavors of the popular restaurants Yujiro and GaiJin Izakaya.

Fools + Horses

The famous Winnipeg coffee house that everyone knows and loves from broadway and The Forks offer delicious coffee and other delicious beverages that you can enjoy at their new coffee bar right in the Hargrave Market.

Miss Browns

Miss Browns is already an iconic breakfast restaurant in Winnipeg. Originally found and loved in the exchange district, you can now enjoy the favorite flavors of Miss Brown’s high-quality breakfasts, sandwiches, and other great foods.

Rose Bar

Don’t be confused by its food hall location. This high-end bar offers classic and innovative cocktails and beverages. Whether you want to try an old favorite or find your new fancy, this bar has a drink for every taste.

Lake Of the Woods

Enjoy the lake in the middle of downtown Winnipeg. Take your food from any of these incredible restaurants to Winnipeg’s very own Lake of The Woods taproom. If you like what you drank, you can take home their tall cans and growlers prepared fresh right in front of you. If you have some time to kill, you can go on a tour of their onsite brewery and see how they do it for yourself!

You will want to make the most of your summer this patio season by trying all of these fantastic restaurants. Each place offers unique tastes and atmospheres. One thing these places do serve in common is their incredible flavors and unforgettable times.