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Without A Doubt, I’ll Keep Choosing Apartment Living

The streets of downtown Winnipeg are sprinkled with apartment complexes, of all shapes and sizes; each one housing hundreds of apartment dwellers with their own story to tell about why they chose apartment living. 

Many people become apartment dwellers for the first time during their university yearsand I’m no exception. Choosing apartment living was sort of a no-brainer for me, especially living in a downtown residence—it ticked all the boxes for meWhen I first began my apartment living journey, I was a wide-eyed twenty-something student without a full-time job or any major responsibilities. Apartment living fit perfectly with my lifestyle. As the years passed and the leases came to an end, I always found myself living in an apartment downtown instead of venturing off somewhere else or taking the financial plunge into house ownership.  

Fits My Lifestyle  

One of the main reasons I chose apartment living is because I get bored super easily. I like to change up my lifestyle as often as possible and apartment living gives me that opportunity. Within downtown Winnipeg, there are so many different areas and streets that satisfy my ever-lasting need to switch-it-up. There is no better feeling than knowing that when my lease is up, I have the luxury of picking up and relocating. Truly liberating! 

Why I Choose to Live Downtown

Prime Location 

One of the many reasons people like me appreciate apartment living is where they’re locatedDon’t get me wrongthere are plenty of diverse neighborhoods in various parts of Winnipeg that houses inhabit, but there is nothing quite like apartment living downtown. Living in a downtown high-rise, you’re smack in the middle of everything happening in the city! 

Most of Winnipeg’s talk-of-the-town events happen in the city’s core. You’re also near the best coffee shops, mouth-watering eateries, and one-of-a-kind boutiquesIf you feel like venturing into other parts of town, there’s a transit stop on nearly every block so you can go wherever your heart desires. 

Coffee Shops In Downtown Winnipeg

Easy on the Wallet  

Being a new university graduate, my budget has a budget—so a major bonus of living in an apartment is that it is quite easy on the wallet. If something goes wrong with my sink tap or dishwasher, a maintenance team will come in a jiffy to fix it, without any additional cash leaving my pocket. 

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Social Aspect  

Another thing that really draws me to apartment living, over and over again, is the social aspect. I find there is always a sense of community among people living in apartments. This may not be the case for every apartment block, but I’ve met some cool people in the elevator and had some great chats while waiting for my laundry. 

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Additional Bonuses   

Houses have perks of their own, but apartments such as 300 Main come with additional pleasures you just can’t get in a house, such as a residential gym, pool, and heated underground parking!

300 Main, Where the Future of Winnipeg Wants to Be

The Bottom Line  

My friends can’t wait to save enough to make a down payment on a house in the suburbs, and for a lot of us, we were told that owning your own home is the definition of making it. To that, I sayTo each their own!”To me, “making it” means being able to explore every inch of what Winnipeg’s downtown as to offer

Why I Loved Apartment Living

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