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Do you have a Spring in your step? It’s Spring in Downtown, Winnipeg!

Finally! Goodbye winter jackets and hello spring dresses. Who doesn’t love the smell of freshly cut grass in the air? The sight of colorful flowers finally popping up in the soil?

Spring is one of the most awaited seasons for most of us in Winnipeg. Winters are too cold and summers can sometimes be too hot. With limited mobility though, some of us might not feel as excited to greet the season as others normally do. But have no fear! There is still a lot to do in the city! And downtown has some attractive places to offer!

First of all, look at that sun shining. And a quick check at the weather app confirms it is 20 degrees. A warm day means it’s the perfect time to try out some new ice cream flavors. Fête on Assiniboine Avenue is a cute little ice cream shop that boasts of not only great ice cream, but amazing coffee, cakes and waffle crisps (I didn’t know this was a thing, but it is! And this taste delicious with ice cream).

Bonus? You can take a stroll in the park next door as you enjoy your favorite flavor of ice cream. Bonnycastle Park also has a little dog park in the vicinity, so it’s a great spot to go to for you and your furry pal to enjoy a sweet treat.

Dog Running in the field

Another favorite ice cream spot is Chaeban on Osbsorne. They have some amazing flavors with very wholesome ingredients. I kid you not, I could taste real mint leaves in their mint ice cream. Their outdoor sitting area offers the perfect opportunity to enjoy a relaxed evening outdoors just enjoying the hustle and bustle of downtown while having a heavenly treat. 

Another sough after landmark to enjoy the season is the Forks Market. You can pop inside the market to check out stores that offer unique handmade items or simply roam around the Commons to grab a drink and enjoy the sun. The area also offers a scenic view and a track along the river where you can bike or jog to soak up some sun.

In fact, if you enjoy history there are some great monuments to see. And if you’re more into modern art, they’ve recently set up the ‘Forever Bicycles’ monument along with other art pieces to view. If you have little kids to entertain alongside, they have great play structures and a splash pad to cool off after all the walking.

Walking alongside the Riverwalk at the Forks can take you to another landmark in downtown, the Legislative Building. With its extensive gardens and fountain, you can not only get a scenic view to enjoy a cup of coffee, but also admire the structure of the Legislative Building itself with the golden boy shining in all his glory. It makes for a lovely backdrop for some great pictures, especially during sunset.

Downtown Winnipeg also offers an opportunity to visit the Exchange District, very close to the intersection of Portage and Main, one of the most popular intersections in all of Canada. The Exchange District has heritage buildings so if you’re looking for a sneak peek into the city’s past, it’s the perfect twenty blocks for a stroll. You can expect to see restaurants, theatres and the Old Market Square with its quaint backdrop.  Each structure has a story to tell, if we only have the time to listen.

If you’re not a history or art buff like me, and prefer instead to be surrounded by nature, maybe listening to some water flowing or birds chirping then I have a great spot for you. But where will you find a spot like that in downtown amidst all the hustle and bustle of Main Street? Not too far I promise. In fact, it’s in our very own downtown.

If the idea of sitting on a picnic blanket and sipping some lemonade sounds appealing to you then look no further, and I mean literally! I recently discovered this cute little park called Happyland Park right here in downtown. It has an amazing view of the river, rolling green hills and a great play area for the kids. There are sitting areas made if you aren’t the picnic blanket sort and the open green space is a real treat for the eyes.

You can also check out The Upper Fort Garry Heritage Provincial Park on Main Street. It not only has light and sound shows but sometimes, you might be able to spot yoga enthusiasts practicing. Feel free to join in if you’re looking for an opportunity to unwind!

Spring in Winnipeg is like a finicky hotel guest, looking for a reason to check out. So let’s try to make the most out of this season. Use it to explore downtown, take long walks, eat lots of ice cream and smell that fresh grass every chance you get!

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