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Gardens to Visit in Winnipeg

Shine some sun on your winter blues by checking one of the gardens to visit in Winnipeg. Now that the grey winter days are long gone, spring has sprung, and we are eager to get out and enjoy nature to the fullest this season.

As the age-old saying goes, April showers bring May flowers; well, that still holds in Winnipeg today. With the weather getting warmer with each new day, it is safe to say that garden season in Winnipeg has officially bloomed. Enjoy nature to the fullest this season by visiting one of Winnipeg’s many gorgeous gardens.

Downtown Gardens

Did you know that Downtown Winnipeg is full of secret pockets of peace?

That’s right, you don’t have to go further than downtown to enjoy some of Winnipeg’s nicest parks and gardens are hidden not only among but in some of our biggest downtown attractions; but once you see all this article has, you will definitely want to venture to all of these Winnipeg gardens.

Nestled in some of Winnipeg’s most famous sights feature their own distinct gardens and parks. One of the nicest hidden gems downtown is along the river from The Forks, which has multiple gardens and is called Peace Park.

Peace Park runs along the river from behind The Forks over the Provencher bridge. You can find a beautiful garden in almost all of the Downtowns, many beautiful parks, and lovely spots to stop along the way.

The Downtown garden party doesn’t just stop at the parks! Two of the Downtown best gardens are inside a couple of our most popular attractions.

These two famous downtown places both have their own must-see gardens. Located on the roof of the Winnipeg Art Gallery and hidden amongst the upper levels at the Museum of Human Rights are two unique gardens you will want to see any time of year.

Rooftop Garden at The WAG

The Rooftop at the WAG offers not only beautiful art exhibits but also features its own breath-taking view of downtown Winnipeg.

Hidden on the roof of the Winnipeg Art Museum is its very own sculpture garden! You can enjoy this one-of-a-kind experience with free admission to the WAG every other Sunday.

Zen Garden

The WAG isn’t the only popular downtown Winnipeg feature that features its own unique and beautiful garden.

The Canadian Museum of Human Rights has a beautiful indoor Zen garden located on the upper levels of the museum between exhibits. This is an indoor sanctuary that you can retreat to at any time of the year.

Assiniboine Park

Assiniboine Park has always been a natural hub in Winnipeg, and with the addition of its new and its exciting gardens and cultural center, this old-time favorite will certainly not soon be forgotten. Assiniboine Park is home to a few of Winnipeg’s most famous favorites like The Conservatory, The English Garden, and Leo Mol sculpture garden.

But the nature trail isn’t even close to ending. They have added five new gardens as a part of their Leaf project.

The Leaf is a soon to open community and cultural center in Assiniboine Park. While the main building and attractions are still set to open, you can already visit its new gardens, and outdoor features called the Gardens at the Leaf.

The whole series features 5 new distinctive gardens, each with its own meaning and ties to Manitoba’s heritage and nature.

Leo Mol Sculpture Garden

Leo Mol Sculpture Garden is one of Winnipeg’s most beloved original gardens at Assiniboine Park. Located in the heart of the park is The Leo Mol garden.

This is an impressive flower and statue garden featuring the art of the famous Leo Mol. It is one of the many spots that you can explore at Assiniboine Park, full of one-of-a-kind statues, art, and plants.

English Gardens

Neighboring the Leo Mol statue garden is another Assiniboine Park classic, the English Gardens. Famous for its spectacular gardens, art, and fountains, The English Gardens are a long-time Winnipeg’s favorite places to take pictures and celebrate special occasions.

Enjoy the serene path through the English Gardens, which is full of impressive flower displays, gardens, and even its own art gallery.

This part of the park has been a long-time favorite destination for photographing nature and special events like weddings and graduations due to its stunning scenery.

Gardens At The Leaf

The Leaf is Assiniboine Park’s new cultural and community center. While the main building and attractions are still set to open, The Leaf features five new gardens that are open and ready to explore:

Indigenous Peoples Garden

Get rooted in Manitoba’s culture in the Indigenous Peoples Garden. This garden features not only beautiful wildlife around it but has been designed with Manitoba’s heritage in mind as a place for people to learn and share about the Indigenous culture that made Manitoba the province it is today.

The Kitchen Garden

The Kitchen Garden is as it sounds- a kitchen in a garden! This unique garden features many edible plants like vegetables and fruit the kitchen garden is more than just your backyard garden.

Featuring multiple themed gardens and even an outdoor oven, this Kitchen Garden is anything but your backyard vegetable patch.

You can even check them out for demonstrations and lessons on things like gardening, composting, and much more. With so much to see, do and even eat, the Kitchen Garden truly is a one-of-a-kind garden that you will want to experience yourself.

The Seasonal Garden

The Seasonal garden is full of each season’s natural beauty. Carefully designed with seasonal perennials that will bloom at different times throughout the year, giving a different adventure every time you go.

This exclusive experience has been designed with every time of the year in mind, so these gardens will never be out of season.

The Sensory Garden

The sensory garden is a beautiful adventure for all of your senses. Fully engage each sense with nature in this garden that has been designed to be touched, smelled, heard, and explored with unique features all geared towards fully experiencing all nature has to offer.

The Performance Garden

The Performance Garden is its own blend of the best of two worlds, art and nature. Featuring a stage and seating that is surrounded by nature, The Performance Garden is a beautiful way to enjoy live entertainment while still remaining outside submerged by nature.

International Peace Gardens

The International Peace Gardens take you on an adventure outside of Winnipeg that is absolutely Manitoba’s top must-see garden. Featuring over 30 kilometers of flowers, the international peace garden extends over the Canadian border and continues on the other side of the US.

Located in the Turtle Mountain region boarding the Canada-US border at Manitoba and North Dakota is the famous International Peace Gardens celebrating the relationship between Canada and the United States with one of the largest and most peaceful gardens extending from Canada over the border into the United States and covering over 30 square kilometers of total flower coverage.

In these busy and ever-changing times, it can be easy to get caught up in the flow of everyday life, but no matter where life takes you, it is crucial to stop a smell the roses once in a while.

With our many different gardens dedicated to being in full bloom in all seasons, you can stop and smell the flowers any time of the year, even in Winnipeg.

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