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Top 5 patios in Downtown, Winnipeg – 2021 Summer Edition

There are certain activities we associate with summertime only. It is not because such things as eating passion fruit gelato can be done in July particularly (after all, who would in a right mind choose that flavour during Christmas time?), but because choosing fruit flavours ice cream as well as eating on the patio makes sense in Winnipeg only during the hot season.

There are many reasons why Manitobans await summertime with such thirst and desire; one of them is anticipation of sitting on a patio with friends and family while sipping on craft cocktails. To add to the usual excitement of moments when patios start opening in the late spring, this season we also receive them with open arms because restaurants have been closed for an extended period. Today, we prepared a list of five famous downtown restaurants with available patio seating and the finest cuisines.


Forth bar, as customers say, is an absolutely beautiful bar with a marvellous patio. Truly, the place combines a coffee shop with a vivid hipster vibe on the main floor and a rooftop patio bar that overlooks Exchange District. In fact, the best time to visit the rooftop is right before the sunset hour. When golden sunlight touches downtown buildings, old and new alike, one no longer has a feeling that tomorrow is another workday; on the contrary, at the Forth rooftop bar, one feels like on a vacation.

As for the food and drinks options, you can order such quick snacks as avocado toast, grilled cheese sandwiches, croissants, yogurt parfait and others, while the bar on the roof offers craft cocktails. As satisfied customers mentioned, you can tell the bartender about the flavours you like, and they will invent a cocktail just for you.

Website: https://www.forth.ca/

Cibo Waterfront Café

Cibo Waterfront offers a variety of Mediterranean-inspired foods like bruschetta, pizza, pasta and a selection of wines and beer. Customers confess that this restaurant is an enjoyable place for late-night food and drinks.

However, while you might find quality pasta at many other places, the main attraction, in this case, is the location and the building itself. Like many other fashionable dining spots, Cibo locates in a former industrial building. (Pump and Screen House used to provide water coolant to Winnipeg’s Steam Heating Plant). The building still presents a high ceiling, massive windows, and brick walls: altogether, with a simple yet elegant interior, it creates a unique atmosphere. The patio has comfortably assembled tables and couches. At the moment, they, however, do not accept any reservation; instead, it is first-come, first-serve.

Also, across the road is the Mere Hotel. Thus, if you are a visitor in the city it might be a fine option for accommodation with a walking distance restaurant choice.

Website: https://www.cibowaterfrontcafe.com/

Browns Socialhouse Portage

Customers say Browns Socialhouse serves the best Caesar salad they have had in Winnipeg so far. Nevertheless, if you are not looking for the best salad in the city, but simply want a cozy patio with heaters, comfortable chairs, music, and city lights all around, this restaurant is worth checking out. Even though Browns Socialhouse belongs to a chain brand, according to many customers’ reviews it is one of the favourite places among locals. Some appreciate service; some enjoy a location that is right in the middle of downtown, and all of them, of course, agree that food is both tasty and comforting.

The menu is enormous compared to other restaurants and offers a variety of cuisines. You can find sushi, soups, salads, fish and chips, burgers, pasta, famous bowls and tacos. And, to accompany all that food there is a broad menu of wines, beer, and cocktails.

Website: https://brownssocialhouse.com/


SMITH restaurant is located at the Forks, the area so loved by both locals and tourists. It is an upscale, modern, yet casual space with so much thought put into interior design and menu. The whole atmosphere of the restaurant, which is conveniently located inside the Inn at the Forks hotel, is finished in a unique combination of slick lines of wooden furniture, comfortable seating and virtuously prepared and served food. As for the patio, this year SMITH restaurant offers a new pop-up space in front of the hotel facing the Oodena Circle and Johnston Terminal.

The menu is based on simple, yet freshest ingredients, and celebration of lands and water of the country: the focus is on cooking from locally produced and seasonal products of Canada. You can find such dishes as steaks, salads, grilled vegetables, burgers and more. Additionally, to accompany the fresh taste of ingredients, order some wine from Okanagan valley or craft cocktails.

Website: https://smithrestaurant.ca/

Peasant Cookery

Peasant Cookery is another local restaurant that deserves attention and a visit at least once a season for no other reason but to celebrate summertime. As soon as you walk in, the atmosphere of the 20th century overwhelms you, and the feeling that you are in the middle of a historic drama is inevitable. The restaurant is located right in the heart of Exchange District, and monumental buildings around and pleasant atmosphere in the restaurant create a unique dining experience. According to many satisfied customers, Peasant Cookery is the choice number one for anniversary celebration: dishes are simple and delicious, and the atmosphere is sophisticated yet down to earth.

The menu offers dishes cooked from fresh, locally sourced ingredients along with wines, local beers and craft cocktails. There are such pleasures as escargots, mussels, charcuterie boards, salmon, tarte flambé and others.

Tell us about your favourite patio in downtown Winnipeg and enjoy your summer cocktail!

Website: https://peasantcookery.ca/

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