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Creative Ways to Control Kitchen Clutter

Is your kitchen bursting at the seams? Don’t hide from your culinary creativity because of a mess! Here are five ways to keep your kitchen from looking like a hurricane made landfall in your cupboards.

1. Learn to love your Tupperware

The dreaded Tupperware cupboard: we all have one. Despite the mysterious lids and tumbling bottoms, tackling this beast doesn’t need to be intimidating. For a smooth post-dinner clean-up, invest in a simple file organizer. Yes—the file organizer on your desk can be put to work in your kitchen, too. Slide lids in one organizer and containers in another to make packing up leftovers a cinch.

2. High rise

Don’t compromise your charming mug collection just because you’re short on storage. Get the most out of the space you have by thinking vertical! Adding a shelf riser is a quick fix that lets you store more by instantly turning one shelf into two. With all that extra space, why not see what Tiny Feast has in stock to add to your collection?

3. Stash away your sprays

The cupboard under the sink—also known as the “I’ll just throw it under there” shelf—is an organizing challenge. Finding that one particular kitchen cleaner can be easy with a little creativity: buy a tension rod (the kind you use to hang a shower curtain) and install it under the cupboard. Hook sprays on the rod to create more room on the bottom shelf for “unhangables,” such as garbage bags. For bonus points, pare your collection down to one or two earth-friendly alternatives from Generation Green.

4. Double-duty backsplash

When it comes to organizing your kitchen, don’t let space goes to waste. Lean a square of pegboard against the back wall of your kitchen counter. Simply insert hooks into the board and hang the tools you use most often to keep them handy. This customizable option can be used for measuring cups, spatulas, and even whisks.

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Photo by Calum Lewis from Unsplash

5. Stickin’ your spices

Cooking a meal can feel intimidating when you’re fumbling through your cabinet of toppling jars, bags, and containers of spices. Head to the nearby dollar store to purchase small glass jars and magnets. With a little bit of hot glue, your made-for-the-counter jars can become fridge magnets. Fill them up with your favourite spices for an easy way to grab cinnamon or oregano while minimizing cabinet clutter.

Storage spaces and gadgets don’t need to be used the way they were intended to be; with a bit of imagination, you can make your kitchen a welcoming place to whip up your favourite meals! Feeling inspired to get the rest of your home in shipshape? Gather ideas by browsing HutK’s collection of beautiful furniture that doubles as clever storage.

What are your favourite ways to make your kitchen an inviting place to cook?

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