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DIY Gifts for Mom

Mother’s Day is May 8th, and it seems like no matter how much we think, plan and prepare for it, it still creeps up on us too soon. Whether or not Mother’s Day is catching you off guard this year, it is still harder to be more creative as the gift-giving years go on. This Mother’s Day, don’t you get caught “giftless,” or worse, with a bad Mother’s Day gift.

Lately, gift shopping for anyone else is getting harder. It seems like everyone has everything they need and want. When it comes to Mother’s Day, one of my go-to gift routes has always been every mother’s favorite- the DIY gift!

There is presumably no gift your mom had ever loved more than when she was given beautiful and unique DIY gifts by you. It never mattered if she needed or wanted the things we made as kids because it was always the thought that counted.

This year give Mom a thoughtful blast to the past with a DIY gift straight from your heart and hands. If you think that sounds nice but easier said than done, don’t worry. We have DIY gift ideas that any skill level can pull off and will make mom impressed.

DIY Gift Ideas

Homemade wreaths

When you think of walking up to your mom on the holidays- there is always one sight you can count on… A warm and welcoming wreath!

One of the things about having a happy mom is knowing that she is always eagerly waiting to break out the next collection of wreaths and decor. Give her a unique and timeless gift this Mother’s Day by making her the perfect year-round wreath!

There are many ideas out there for this one, from the more traditional to the out of the flower box ideas. This is a very versatile gift idea. These are great because you can tailor them to her taste and decor, and no one knows your mom’s style better than you!

Fabric wreaths

If your mom is the fun, creative type, this is a perfect choice. Make a wreath that matches whatever space your mom is proudly going to want to display it. A great option is using handkerchiefs and pocket scarves as they are an easy-to-find, affordable, and one-of-a-kind idea when it comes to making a wreath.

Specialized Bouquets

Another great DIY gift idea you can customize for your mom that she will love is a flower box bouquet. Show your mom not only how much she means to you but how well you know her with a personalized bouquet. Nothing says Happy Mother’s Day like realizing their baby really does know and love them back (almost) as much as they know and love us.

Show your mom how much you with a personalized bouquet. These personalized DIY bouquets are a perfect fit for Mother’s Day.

Crystal Bouquets

If you or your mom is into crystals, this is a great idea. Not only is it sentimental to put it into a bouquet, but crystals are also incredibly beautiful and personal when it comes from the right person. If your mom likes crystals, the great idea is to go to a holistic store (or order a set on amazon) and pick out a few of your favorite crystals that you know your Mom would love. This is one of the most affordable yet thoughtful ideas when it comes to the DIY gift department.

If you aren’t sure what a crystal is or what to buy, here are some suggestions that fit the energy of Mother’s Day. It is never a bad idea to grab some dried herbs and fresh flowers to throw in and fill the spaces and really make your bouquet complete. You can go to your local metaphysical store or order them online from many holistic realters (amazon included). The great thing about these bouquets is you can make them specific to your mom’s life, needs, and personality. If you are not quite sure where to start with the crystals and do not want to ruin the surprise by asking her yourself, here are some fail-safe favorites she will definitely love:

  • Rose Quartz
  • Amethyst
  • Citrine
  • Tigers Eye
  • Turquoise
  • Clear Quartz
  • Tigers Eye
  • Rainbow Fluorite

Edible Bouquets

Another delicious bouquet idea is an edible bouquet! If you ask any mom, they would probably rather have chocolates than actual flowers. A traditional gift like flowers is a nice thought, but they wilt all too soon. Give your Mother’s Day gift a tasty appetizer with a chocolate or cookie bouquet, picked fresh for your own Mom’s taste.

This is a great and easy thing to pull off, no matter your DIY skill, because baking is optional. Put together some of your mom’s favorite cookies, chocolates, and other treats and arrange them in her own “snack bouquet.”

Photo Bouquet

A great bouquet option that you can personalize with your mom is a photo bouquet! Print out some of your favorite photos of your mom or you and her together, and turn them into a personal bouquet!

She will certainly love the thought and personality put behind it and the fact that she has printouts of the two of you.

DIY Self Care Box

Moms work way too hard even now that we grow older; our moms are still able to grace us with their motherly wisdom at every text and call. Give your mom some designated me time (that isn’t you) with a bath box! Go to any store and pick out a cute box or bag and put together some essential bath items.

If you are gifted in the DIY department, you can make her some bath and skincare products or just go to the dollar store and load up on bubbles and candles. Here are some things you don’t want to forget when making your mom’s bath box.

Things to include in your bath box:

  • Bath Salt
  • Bubble Bath
  • Candles
  • Bath Bombs
  • Face & Hair Masks
  • Lotion
  • Essential Oils
  • DIY Candle

Making a candle is one thing that is both impressive, personal, and easier done than said. Give your mom something she can use every day and make her own personal candle.

If you know what kind of scents and flavors your mom usually goes for, all you need to do is grab wicks, wax, a mason jar, and pick out two to four essential oils that smell great together. You can find fun ideas and more in-depth instructions online, but making a candle is as easy as 1-2-3-.

Pick out your wax, wick, and smell.

The ingredients of a candle are your wax, the wick, the essential oils, and of course, your jar. You can get these online or at any craft store.


All you have to do is melt the wax, mix, and set.

Melt your wax either directly or through a double boiler system. Once the wax is melted, mix in your essential oils. Whatever method, wax, and size of candle you choose will determine how much you need.


Now that your wax and essential oils are combined, you want to get ready to fill the jar and set the wick. Slowly pour the melted wax and oil into the jar with the wick and let it set. Within 24-48 hours, you will have a personal, beautiful candle ready for your Mother’s Day gift.

Your mom is bound to love any one of these DIY gifts or any other idea you may come up with. When it comes to Mother’s Day, many of us stress about how to best show our moms just how much we appreciate everything they do. A DIY gift is not only easy on your budget but is loving, personal, and bound to show mom exactly how much her answering every little question about laundry and cooking does mean to us.

When it comes to our moms, no one means more to us. It may feel hard to express the level of gratitude you have for everything she does for you. When it comes to gift-giving to your mom, nothing says I love you more than a gift that says, “I spent time on this,” and a DIY gift package will scream exactly that. These DIY gifts are amazing alone, or you can mix some of them, and they can also serve you for any other occasion. No matter what you choose, here is hoping you and your mom have a beautiful Mother’s Day this year!