No Nail Holes: Decorating Your New Apartment

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To your right: an empty wall. To your left—another one. You’re surrounded by large, blank walls. The walls of your new apartment are the bones of the space that you have decided works best for you. Now that you’ve moved in, they need some attention to personalize your new home and make it truly yours.

Not to sound corny, but those empty walls are a canvas—a beautiful, clean canvas that gives you an opportunity to express yourself. But you want to do it without putting holes in them. To get you started, here are three tips on how to showcase your personality when decorating your new apartment—without risking your security deposit.

Small Space Design Ideas

Wall Pops

According to Winnipeg interior designer Kelly Porath, of Blue Rose Interiors, Wall Pops are very on-trend. Removable decals that are relatively easy to install and remove, Wall Pops are definitely not the wallpaper of old. Whether you’re inspired by simplicity or drawn to the big and bold, there are plenty of options to highlight and define your space.


More than just window dressings, textiles can add colour, design and texture to any space. Consider blankets and woven pieces that mean something to you or speak to your personality. Whether they were handmade by a family member or discovered while shopping at a local market, textiles can add warmth and character.

Command products by 3M

Command hooks and strips allow you to hang everything from your favourite art work and photos to travel memorabilia. These nifty products are designed to work on a variety of surfaces and come in different sizes. Follow the product specifications and be careful to choose the right strength strip or hook for your art. Detailed instructions on how to use them are available online.


For more information, check out these resources:

  • offers peel-and-stick wall decals, wallpaper, and floor tiles
  • is an international marketplace and community for artists
  • has products for hanging everything, including art, purses and brooms
  • Home decor retailers such as and HomeSense have great bargains
  • Home improvement stores like Home Depot, Loews and Canadian Tire have décor and storage items

Thank you to Kelly Porath of Blue Rose Interiors for sharing her tips and tricks with us. Kelly’s final words of advice: “Make your art count.”

What would your advice be to someone decorating a new apartment?

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