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A Vegetarian/Vegan Foodie’s Guide to Downtown

Downtown Winnipeg has a lot of restaurants to choose from, but us vegetarian or vegan foodies often need to ask ourselves, “But can I eat there?” Here’s a list of the vegan and vegetarian places that I frequent the most and find the most impressive!

Boon Burger $$

79 Sherbrook Street

I’ll go so far as to say that Boon Burger is the holy grail of vegan food downtown. They have a menu bursting with scrumptious vegan comfort food, a specially-curated selection of poutine, and the creamiest vegan milkshakes that will make your jaw drop—what more could you want? They offer over thirty different burgers, each delicious, creative, and fried to perfection. Boon Burger is also a great place to take your meat-eater friends and family. They won’t be able to tell the difference!

My recommendation: The Greek Almighty burger, “Now That’s a Spicy Poutine,” and a chocolate milkshake.

Clementine Café $$

123 Princess Street

Clementine’s menu is quite small to begin with, and at first glance it doesn’t seem like there are many vegetarian or vegan options on the menu. However, this is one of my favourite cafés in downtown Winnipeg as they are always willing to adapt their dishes to meet your needs. Plus, whether you’re vegan or just want to see what all the fuss is about almond milk, Clementine has your back with a wide variety of milk alternatives!

My recommendation: Brussels Style Waffle (ask your server to hold the maple cream if you’re vegan!).

Thida’s Thai Restaurant $

78 Donald Street

This locally-owned Thai restaurant isn’t a strictly vegetarian/vegan restaurant, but their menu will fool you! Almost half of the menu is either vegetarian, and they’re happy to make other dishes meatless for you. The menu has a lot of variety and features many authentic Thai dishes that are suitable for vegetarians and vegans!

My recommendation: Vegetarian Spring Rolls and Khao Pad Prik

Affinity Vegetarian Garden $

100-208 Edmonton Street

Not only is Affinity one of Winnipeg’s best Taiwanese-Chinese restaurants, it’s also one of our best vegetarian restaurants. I can honestly say I’d never had a proper bowl of chow mein until I visited this hidden little spot in the center of downtown. Each dish is bursting with flavor and to-die-for seasoning. The best part? Everything on the menu is meatless—and delicious! They offer a wide selection of vegan “meats”, including chicken, ham, and even crab!

My Recommendation: Veggie Steak with Black Pepper

Corrientes Argentine Pizzeria $$

137 Bannatyne Avenue

If you are looking for a classic, greasy-in-a-good-way slice of pizza, this is your spot!

Besides their cozy atmosphere, Corrientes has the best homemade vegan cheese in the city. Vegan cheese not your thing? Skip it—Corrientes offers every topping you can think of, so whether you add the cheese or not your pizza will be mouth-watering.

My recommendation: Veggie Cuban Melt (Skip the mozzarella to make it vegan!)

Blufish Japanese Restaurant $$$

179 Bannatyne Avenue

There’s no shortage of places to nosh on sushi downtown, but Blufish remains one of my favorites. Blufish has an amazing range of choices for vegetarians and carnivores alike, including delicious appetizers. Arrive with an empty stomach: the portions are enormous, and you are going to want to try everything.

My recommendation: Veggie Rainforest roll

Acorn Café $

433 Main Street

Acorn Café is tucked inside Generation Green, an eco-friendly shop located in the Exchange District. This quaint café is definitely a hidden gem, but every Winnipegger should try it at least once. It’s a health-nut’s heaven, and although their menu is tiny, each item is packed with flavor and creative touches.

My recommendation: Samosa and Cordyceps boosters

Oh Doughnuts $

326 Broadway Avenue

Don’t think I forgot about all you vegans with a sweet tooth! You’ve probably heard rave reviews about this shop, and they are nothing but the truth. Oh Doughnuts is arguably one of the best doughnut shops in the city, and they have delectable vegan doughnuts, too. There’re so many varieties to try that you’ll have to go back again and again! (Oh darn.)

My recommendation: Brown Butter Banana Cheesecake Donut

What’s your favourite place to grab a meat-free meal downtown? Share your recommendations in the comments!

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