How to Decorate your Small Space for the Holidays

Holiday decorating is one of the best parts of winter, and living in a tiny apartment shouldn’t mean you have to miss out! Decorating for the holidays in a small space can be tricky, so we’re here to help with a collection of festive ideas.

Christmas Tree Chaos

Miniature Tree
It may be small, but a miniature Christmas tree can still pack a stylish punch. A tiny tree is one of the easiest and most common decorations for small spaces. I decorate my miniature tree with an over-the-top tree topper, festive ornaments, and twinkling fairy lights. I also like to sweeten it up with a few candy canes. Even though it’s tiny, I love how my Christmas tree lights up the room with its larger-than-life presence.

Half of a Christmas Tree
I admit this one requires an open mind. When I first heard about half Christmas trees, I thought whoever came up with the idea was insane. But, after a few sleepless nights up thinking about it (it really bothered me), I realized its brilliance!

Tuck this slim, festive fellow in a corner for all the fun of a full-size Christmas tree for half the space. Amazon and Walmart sell cheap but high-quality half Christmas trees.

A Christmas Tree Doesn’t Need to be Pine
When you imagine a Christmas tree, you’re automatically going to picture a lush, green pine tree. But I’m here to advocate for all the other types of plant that can be just as festive!

If you’re looking for more greenery or just don’t want to go out and buy a tree, consider giving one of your houseplants a chance to shine this holiday season. I like to decorate the fiddle leaf fig tree in my bedroom with bulbs, holly and candy canes. It’s quirky and brings so much character to the room.

Festive Fairy Light Tree
Fairy lights have so many uses; you can string them up or get creative! When I was first settling into my downtown apartment and wasn’t sure if I wanted to invest in a tree, I created one myself. Pair your fairy lights with garland and pin them up on your wall in the shape of a pine tree (or a fiddle leaf fig tree!), and you’ve got yourself a DIY Christmas tree. Be creative: you can attach bulbs or even candy canes to it, just like a real tree.

This trick can also be used as a decoration hack for those who celebrate other holidays. Creating a Star of David with the lights on your wall is just as simple and beautiful!

Mantel Makeover

I’m pretty lucky; my apartment has a brick fireplace with a beautiful oak mantel. If you have a fireplace, decorating the mantel is an easy way to display small decorations without taking up floor space.

Since I like to keep the rest of my living room fairly simple for Holiday decorating, I make the mantle my centerpiece. I prefer traditional Christmas colours, so I decorate my mantel with deep greens by pinning a flocked pine wreath above the fireplace and draping garland across the mantle. I then strategically place crimson-red holly within the garland and finish the look by pinning up a few red stockings. The stockings also draw my guests’ eyes down to the burning fire underneath, completing the cozy look I’m going for.

Utilizing Holiday Cards
I don’t know about you, but as soon as December 1st hits I’m bombarded with holiday cards from family, friends and co-workers. Don’t get me wrong, I love them, but at first I was confused about what to do with all of them. Eventually, inspiration struck and I started selecting a few with the most festive illustrations to display on my mantel behind my garland. Not only do they make cheerful decorations, they also remind me of my loved ones.

Deck the Halls—Literally!

Mistletoe is a winter classic that doesn’t take up any space at all. All you need is a doorway, such as in a hallway, to let the festive smooches begin!

Paper Snowflakes
I love decorating my space with paper snowflakes. They make me feel so nostalgic about being a kid and spending all winter snipping them out with safety scissors. As an adult, they’re an inexpensive decoration that brings the romance of snow into your home – without the chill.

I personally like stringing paper snowflakes up on the ceiling, letting them drape down to bring a touch of magic to an entranceway. Try hanging them by a window where they can catch the every-changing winter light.

Create a Holiday Scent

So, your place looks festive…but does it smell festive? Scented candles are the easiest way to bring a merry aroma to your apartment. Cinnamon, gingerbread, fire and pine are a few of my favourite scented candle fragrances; all these are super easy to find in your favourite candle shop! Coal and Canary even sells a cute Holiday Collection Box Set.

If you’re hosting a holiday party tonight or are looking for a more creative way to bring the smells of Christmas into your home, here’s my personal recipe for the perfect merry scent.

Add a few cinnamon sticks, four orange halves, one of cup fresh cranberries, and two rosemary springs to a large pot of water. Put a lid on the pot and let it simmer all day.

If that’s just a bit too much work for you (totally understandable), try mulled wine! You can buy premixed mulled wine for a lazy, but still luxe, holiday evening.

Happy Holidays!

Whether you prefer to keep it classic with a neutral aesthetic or like to deck your space out with clashing holiday décor, we hope these ideas will help you make your space merry, bright and festive.

From the 300 Main family to yours, Happy Holidays!

Did we miss one of your must-have holiday decorations? Let us know in the comments!

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